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Ling Wai Shan, Heidi graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Visual Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2023. She focuses on contemporary social issues, exploring complex relationships between humans, nature, culture, and interactions between the body and the city. She uses symbolism and metaphor to express thoughts and emotions on these topics. Her artwork is rich in poetic and subtle expressions, utilising symbolic meanings to convey emotions and provide insights into contemporary social issues.By transforming symbols and combining objects, viewers are prompted to interpret and imagine. The artwork through meticulous colour and brushwork, revealing the relationship between space, light, and objects, employs the use of transparency to explore the relationship between the visible and the invisible, while contemplating the connection between the truth of things and their appearances.


2024 - "Virtual Scenery", Heidi Ling - Lewis Lee Dual Exhibition, a.m. space 

2024 - "Evergreen", Odds and Ends 

2024 - "Patients Not Eligible for Sick Leave ", Hui Gallery, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2023 - "Being Something", Contemporary by Angela Li

2023 - "The Blossoms in the Flowerless", Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery

2023 -"and still they move", AVA BA Gradshow 2023", Kai Tak Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

2023 -"Sorry, I want to leave the archipelago", Cattle Depot Artist Village


2023 - Honourable Mention of Academy of Visual Arts(AVA) Award, Hong Kong Baptist University

2023 - Anonymous Award for Sculpture, Hong Kong Baptist University




2023 - Graduated with the Degree of Bachelor of Visual Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

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